关键词的选择与布局 主关键词的选择
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关键词的选择与布局 主关键词的选择,内页的长尾关键词的选择等。这个是优化网站的第一步也是非常重要的一步,可以通过搜集百度相关搜索的提示、百度指数、百度推广助手关键词 搜索量的高低,综合起来进行数据分析,准确定位关键词,这样优化起来会事半功倍;也可以搜索其它网站看他们是怎么做的! 关键词的布局一般是,核心主关键词定位在标题、非核心关键词定位在栏目、长尾关键词定位在内页分别进行优化。 2 标题设置 标题的设置一定要坚持围绕主关键词进行拓展长尾关键词,特别是企业站内容比较少一定要抓住这一点。另外,就是标题要有吸引力,吸引用户的点击,这是标题书写的一大技巧。如果,不会书写可以参考微信文章的标题,是不是写的都很有吸引力。 3 网站内容结构设置 这个是针对网站的栏目而言的,希望网站可以呈现网站树形结构或者F型,扁平结构。定送水  铜鼎铜钟 淤泥固化设备 化粪池钢模具 拱形骨架模具 保定代理记账 保定道闸
简单的说就是用户来到我们的网站查看喜欢的内容时候,不要让用户点击超过3页。这种用户体验才是最好的。 4 内部链接的设置 这里就是需要注意很多了,大的方面是要有网站地图(sitemap),robots.txt文件这个很重要,还有关键词的锚文本。总的来说就是把网站织成 一张网,让所有的页面都相互的关联起来。特别是相关文章阅读,这是一个比较不错的方法,可以有效的提高网站的用户停留时间、产生更多的PV量,这无形中就 提高了网站的粘度和用户的再次访问。 5 URL路径设置 url的优化就是指网页的静态化,因为,静态化的页面更利于搜索引擎蜘蛛的抓取。所以我们的网站尽量不要出出现
The selection of keywords and layout of main keywords, as well as the selection of long tail keywords on the inner page. This is the first and very important step in optimizing a website. By collecting tips on Baidu related searches, Baidu index, and the search volume of Baidu promotion assistant keywords, data analysis can be conducted to accurately locate keywords. This way, optimization can be done with half the effort; You can also search other websites to see how they do it! The layout of keywords is generally optimized by positioning the core main keywords in the title, non core keywords in the column, and long tail keywords on the inner page. 2. The setting of titles must adhere to expanding around the main keywords and long tail keywords, especially when there is relatively little content on enterprise websites. This must be grasped. In addition, the title should be attractive and attract users' clicks, which is a major skill in title writing. If you don't know how to write, you can refer to the title of the WeChat article to see if the writing is very attractive. 3. Website Content Structure Setting: This is specific to the columns of the website, and it is hoped that the website can present a tree structure or an F-shaped, flat structure. Simply put, when users come to our website to view their favorite content, do not let them click on more than 3 pages. This user experience is the best. 4. The setting of internal links requires a lot of attention. The main thing is to have a site map, robots. txt files, and the Anchor text of keywords. Overall, it is about weaving a website into a web where all pages are interrelated. Especially when reading related articles, this is a relatively good method that can effectively improve the website's user retention time and generate more PV, which invisibly increases the website's viscosity and user revisiting. The optimization of URL path setting refers to the statization of web pages, as static pages are more conducive to search engine spiders' crawling. So we try to avoid appearing on our website